What is Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures, which promotes the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response. Cryotherapy also triggers the body to release endorphins, reduce pain and promote overall health. Cryotherapy is not a medical procedure, but a non-invasive alternative therapy. The session is painless, and refreshing to many. Clients report the experience is invigorating and improves a variety of conditions such as psychological stress, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, and various skin conditions.


Coastal Cryo features an enclosed Whole Body Impact Cryosauna, where our clients are briefly exposed to cold nitrogen gas that ranges between -130F (L1), -166F (L2), and -184F (L3). The standard three minute session lowers the body’s skin surface temperature by 20-40 degrees. The body then triggers the fight-or-flight response and sends the blood to the vital organs. This stimulates the body to produce norepinephrine and release endorphins. Cryotherapy resets the body, encouraging homeostasis,and improving mirco-circulation.


Professional athletes have discovered Whole-Body Cryotherapy is a powerful therapy that decreases recovery time and increases athletic performance.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Studies suggest that cryotherapy offer the following key benefits:


Pain relief and muscle healing


Weight Loss


Reduced inflammation


Preventing Dementia


Preventing and Treating Cancer


Reducing Anxiety and Depression


Improving Symptoms of Eczema


Treating Migraine Headaches

Choosing the session that best suits You

Whole Body Cryotherapy

The science of extreme cold temperatures being applied to the entire human body to stimulate the healing of your circulatory, nervous, and energy systems is a powerful therapeutic technology. Based on peer-reviewed scientific and medical research, the effect of the procedure is achieved when the body is exposed to temperatures between -130F and -184F which reduces the skin surface temperature to approximately 41F.

This happens when non-invasive, short, and extremely cold bursts of air are projected on your body. The resulting physiological reactions then prompt healing and recovery in numerous ways including beautification, sports injuries rehabilitation, and enhanced post-workout muscle repair. The controlled cold environment has also been proven to trigger an analgesic reaction in the mind by increasing endorphin response, leading to positive mood states and acting as an antidepressant and sleep disorder treatment.

A cryotherapy session only takes three minutes and begins by a patient entering the Cryo Chamber where the sub-zero temperature air is released. You will notice immediate improvements in your skins appearance and increased energy immediately after the first treatment. For longer lasting results, a minimum of 10 sessions are generally recommended.

Localized Cryotherapy

The CRYO Penguin is what we use for Localized Cryotherapy treatments. This cutting edge technology allows us to focus on specific points of the body and treats localized tissue damage, induces cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone, and reduces the effects of ageing. Weight-loss, cellulite reduction and skin collagen boosting are just a few of the other healthcare benefits offered by cryogenically based beauty treatments.

Celluma Light Therapy

Have you heard of the terms “biophotonic” or “low-level” light therapy? Both terms synonymously are used to describe the delivery of light energy to treat a variety of medical conditions. So what is low-level light therapy? It is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. The energy delivered is then used to improve cellular performance. Low-level light therapy can be delivered through light emitting diodes (LED) or cold lasers, and has a variety of applications across many medical fields. The treatment is non-invasive, painless, requires no recovery time, and can be used on all skin types.

Originally developed by NASA for astronauts who could become injured or ill on a long-term space flight. The technology is used today as a safe and natural method of treating a variety of skin and pain conditions such as acne, anti-aging, and pain.

Cryo Fusion

Cryo Slimming and Toning sessions combine light therapy with thermal therapy. The combination of these therapies has a positive effect on the skin. It works against acne, wrinkles, spots, and rosacea. Along with the slimming and toning sessions, you can expect an improvement in the skin as well.
Light therapies offered: 
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple 
We begin your Cryo Slimming and Toning journey with a 15 minute consultation to assess your needs and desires so we can determine which combination of sessions will be the right fit for you.
You will inform us of which areas of the body you would like to be treated as well as the results you are looking for. We will then determine how many sessions are needed (typically 5+ for best results) and if slimming, toning, or a combination of both will be best for you.



Using a wand, we apply cold temperatures to the face and upper chest to encourage collagen production in the skin. This facial will reduce the appearance of fine lines, and have a lifting effect.


Cryo Slimming

Through the use of a massage wand with temperatures ranging from 0 to 113 degrees Farenheit, fat cells are destroyed in a non-invasive way. First the area being treated is heated which relaxes the muscles and improves microcirculation in the tissues. After heating the skin, the tissue is cooled very quickly, causing a thermal shock that destroys the fat cells. Once the session ends, a short massage is applied to the area to start the elimination process. Over the course of 2 weeks, those fat cells are eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system. Clients have consistently seen over half an inch reduction in the first session. Cryo Slimming sessions last 30-45 minutes, fitting around you and your lifestyle. Sessions can only be performed once every 2 weeks to keep from straining the lymphatic system.


Cryo Toning

Through the use of cold temperatures applied with a massage wand, collagen procution is encouraged to fill in cellulite. No fat loss will be seen from Cryo Toning, but it will significantly improve the skin’s texture and elasticity. We will focus on one area per session, but sessions can be performed daily. The device will drop to 5ºF which causes local metabolism and micro-circulation to improve in the area we are focusing on. With both these components improving, collagen production will be stimulated, filling in cellulite and improving the look and feel of the skin.


Cryo Rehab Massage

This service is designed for the recovery or sports recovery for given parts of the body. This treament is designed to help release tense muscles and speed up recovery of injured muscles and joints. This is prefert for athletes, body builders, runners that battle with sore, torn, deep tissue related issues. Great for relieving pain, injuries, sprains and inflamation.


Financing Available 


Fast and Easy find out in as little as 15 Minutes


Apply for $300 up to $10,000


90 days Same as cash 0% interest


Up to 60 months financing


$0 Down


Low Monthly Payment- No Early pay Penalty


Own your Medical Device for your Home!


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Google Reviews

Kim Feely
Kim Feely
23:02 21 Jun 18
Beth and Gray are amazing individuals and if you have any inflammation, give it a try! Thursday EnrG-IV's Janet is there also AMAZING! Without all of them, I wouldn't be able to work full-time and have the stamina for my little ones!
Winnter Harper
Winnter Harper
18:59 19 Mar 18
I have Ankylosis Spondylitis, a form of arthritis. I was scheduled for surgery and was required to go off all of my arthritis medicines, the ones that keep me from swelling and hurting. A coworker had seen that a new cryotherapy place had opened and said I should try it. I was willing to try anything. I called and spoke to Beth that day to schedule my first session. I explained my situation and Beth walked me through some of the benefits that her own personal family members had experienced with arthritis and the benefits of cryotherapy. Beth made me feel like a family member in a few short minutes, she truly cares. I went into my first session stiff, foot swollen out of my shoe, and felt battered. Three short minutes later, the surge of adrenaline and freshness took over. By the time I went back to the front of the store to finish up, I was pumped! When I left, I called two different friends to share how amazing I felt. I went home and danced around the house. By morning, my foot was no longer swollen, and I jumped right out of bed. I have had a few more sessions since, and each time it was awesome all over again. I would highly recommend this place, Beth and her family, and the experience the cryotherapy will give you. If it was feasible, I would trade my 15 plus pills a day for a cryotherapy treatment each morning. Treat yourself, gain the knowledge from Beth and her staff, and feel refreshed!
Ruta Qureshi
Ruta Qureshi
19:33 15 Mar 18
First time I have tried this for a chronic pain issue, but so far so good. Staff was amazing, and I am feeling pretty good right now!
Brian Nichols
Brian Nichols
18:49 25 Jan 18
Beth is very knowledgeable and the service was excellent. I learned alot about the process and the treatment was great. Im going back for more real soon
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